Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nomads in a dangerous time

mirae and i are officially leaving you Vancouver.

Banff is up next, with a string of residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts, then Toronto (we think) for the summer.

Then across the pond ...??


we have been in Toronto for some weeks, since April 1st, to be exact... (no, we weren't sure that it wasn't a joke at first either...)

fascinating city. we have been house-sitting/pet-sitting for three months now, which is a great way to force yourself to understand a new locale - especially one as neighbourhood-driven as Toronto... forcing yourself to identify local coffee shops, vegan restaurants, hardware stores, print houses...

We stayed in Cabbagetown, moved successively north along Ossington, from Queen to Bloor to St. Claire, lived just outside of Kensington Market, about to move into Parkdale...

We had this fantastic moment at the 'Right Here, Right Now' conference where a slew of the experimental theatre/dance crowd drew us up a homemade community map on 6ft of butcher paper, complete with a legend showing good porches, free wifi, bike routes, restaurants, galleries, etc....

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