Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Liminal Screen / bombIR

I was able to go back to the BNMI in February and March of 2009, alongside my Graffiti Research Lab partner NomIg, in order to develop a new open-source tool for digital graffiti, bombIR.

bombIR consists of an infrared pen (we hacked the circuit inside a spray-pant can!), a rear projection setup, a computer, and a Nintendo Wiimote. Using the Wiimote as an IR camera, the nozzle of the IR Can triggers the momentary switch, effectively transforming the can into a mouse device. From there, we used WiiFlash Server to communicate the Wii values to Flash, as we had written a graf-specific drawing program, with the help of the BNMI staff.

Just had our first public presentation at the founding of the GRL Ottawa event at the end of July '09. Upcoming presentations include Nuit Blanche, Toronto, Oct 3rd, '09.

This is all just Beta-testing... keep your eye on the GRL_ca site for full release...

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