Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Global Packet Datum

... maybe all y'all can help me work through some stuff;

the piece that I am working on during the co-production residency at the BNMI is entitled "Global Packet Datum", and references the the various continental datum created throughout the 20th century surrounding the fields of earth sciences that led to the WGS - or World Geodetic System - that allowed for technologies such as GPS to blossom.

This project falls slightly outside of my realm of experience, but has many common touch points where it relates to my interests and/or experience, such as application design, graphical programming, and networking. Traditionally, I have worked within live environments, public experiences, and performance modalities; and I am quite happy to be stepping outside of my normal realm of experience...


This project has seen some development...

The larger engine currently allows a GPS-enabled smartphone to direct it's coordinates (NMEA data) to a server, which ports it to a computer running a suite of Pure Data patches. The Pd patches use the NMEA data (latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, number of satellites, signal to noise, etc.) to generate, simultaneously, a polygonal video environment reflecting the users location, and accompanying sound environment.

We aim to develop a complete stream back to the device, so that the user can see/hear an abstraction of their environment. From there, they are able to discern causal relationships (i.e. altitude = volume) and 'play' their environment... which we term a 'geo-parcour' .

Teaming up with Brady Marks, we recently tendered an official application to re-stage and continue the piece at the BNMI through the auspices of a Canada Council grant, but were recently notified that the application was not successful.

Will advise as to development....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 1 +


sorry I haven't been updating this very much... the first week or so has been a blast.

it's been really interesting interfacing with so many other people on these issues of space and location, and seeing how everyone's piece - ranging from GPS abstractions to Community Mapping to Augmented Reality etc. - is dealing with critical issues in this field. 

We've done a number of fascinating workshops and demonstrations on GPS theory and practice, Soundwalks, Open Design, Field Recording, Graphical Programming, mScape, etc.. 

Been some interesting technical considerations, blockages, and workarounds for various projects, which really give a good lay of the land for this field.

Will write more soon...

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